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Contoh percakapan expression care

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Situation : Your friend is sad.

Ana : Are you okay? You look so sad.
Nia : No, I\m not okay. I feel so sad because I had a fight with my brother yesterday.
Ana : Why?
Nia : He took my favorite novel without asking my permission and he ripped it! How can I not sad? He even not sorry at all and when I yelled at him, he yelled me back with his ridiculous reason that why should I got sad over a novel!
Ana : You must be really hurt…
Nia : Of couse I do.
Ana : What should I do to cheer you up?
Nia : Thanks for your attention but no, sorry.
Ana : Really? I\m sorry I can\t help you much.
Nia: Yeah, thanks.

bold: expressions
italic: responses

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