Apakah yang dimaksud dengan “peradilan yang bebas dan tidak memihak” ??

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Apakah yang dimaksud dengan “peradilan yang bebas dan tidak memihak” ??

 Jawaban Yang Tepat Adalah

Peradilan tidak memihak siapa itu orgnya entah pejabat atau bukan,jdi peradilan berpihak ke smua org

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✅BAJA JUGA:  Tlong dong artiin, the golden compass, lyra belaqua,and her daemon pantalaimon,had lived as an orphan in jordan collage for years. her only relative was her uncle, lord asriel. he was a scientist and an adventurer,and was busy doing his experiment in north pole. therefore, lyra was taken care by the professors and scholars of jordan collage because she had no other place to go. one day lyra overhead the conversation between her uncle and the college senate. it was an extraordinary conversation about a microsco-pic particle,called dust. this particle was said to unite different worlds, and was feared by many who want to destroy it forever. it was what lord asriel experimenting in the north. at the time, she did not know that this conversation would drag her into a dangerous adventure of her faith. soon after that,her uncle was reported missing in the north. and lyra had to leave jordan college to live under the care of a woman named mrs.coulter. at the beginning,she liked her new life,and learned many things as a young girl.

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