Tolong buatin dialog expresing anger :), untuk 2 orang

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Tolong buatin dialog expresing anger 🙂
untuk 2 orang

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Everyone Has Bad Day
Sari\t: Hey, Rangga!
Rangga\t: What displeasure!
Sari\t: What? What happened, Rangga? Are you angry about something?
Rangga\t: Oh, I’m very sorry, Sari. I was walking near handkerchief. You can wipe up your wet shirt.
Rangga\t: Oh, thank you, Sari. So, how was your day, Sari? Did something bad happen to you too? Haha I’m kidding, Sari.
Sari\t: Actually, something bad did happen to me. It’s still driving me mad until now.
Rangga\t: Oh, really? What do you look so insulted about?

Sari\t: It’s my boss. He said that I can have a day-offs earlier but
today he revoked what he said. I was planning on going for a vacation on
my day-offs with my family. I am extremely displeased about that.
Rangga\t: I’m sorry to hear that.
Sari\t: Well, everyone has bad day but if we still consider it positively, everything is going to be alright
Rangga\t: Yeah, I think you’re right

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