A Christmas to Remember

A Christmas
to Remember

Carolyn and Peter have lived in their home for more than a decade but a renovation last year has made it feel brand new.The house had been upgraded by the previous owners but it only had two bedrooms and with one child on the way and hopes for more this was not enough space for the blossoming family.

“We decided that we as a family needed a bit more living space. So together with Karen our architect, we drew up plans to extend out the back of the house to create a large kitchen/dining/living room.“

“There is nothing like the pressure of our family coming for Christmas Day to focus the mind,” laughs Carolyn. “Unbelievably we achieved it.
“This Christmas will be one to enjoy. Jonathan and Katelyn will be able to enjoy the lead up to the big day counting the days til Santa comes, decorating the tree, and baking Christmas cookies.