Brilliantly Bespoke

Jacqueline and Francis’ kitchen is proof that stripped back simplicity can pack a real punch in the style stakes.
White walls, pale wood and handleless cabinetry work together to create a stunning scheme that sits perfectly in its surroundings.
Jacqueline said: “We like things plain and simple without any fuss. I’d done a good bit of research when it came to building the house so had a very fixed idea about what I wanted from each room.
“Our house is very open plan so for the kitchen we wanted clean lines and to maximise the natural light in the room.”
As Jacqueline had worked with Darren from Designer Kitchen by Morgan on a few previous projects she knew he was the natural choice for the work.
“I knew Darren would take my brief and deliver on it exactly and with quality. I trusted that if there was something he wasn’t sure about that he would suggest improvements and ultimately would get the most from the space without compromise.”
It was on Darren’s recommendation that the couple extended the mezzanine and introduced a bulkhead above the window area in order to obscure the view of the top of the units from above. This also allowed for the inclusion of task and mood up-lighting.
Another design challenge was the pivot door that was introduced to enhance the existing entrance.
The under floor heating meant that a conventional pivot system couldn’t be used so Darren had to use precise calculations and work within the constraints of the room to make it viable and Jacqueline is thrilled with the result.
“It’s a really nice, unexpected addition to the room and proof of Darren’s craftsmanship.”
There is a theme of white backgrounds with washed wooden floors running throughout the entire house to give a very calming ambience.
“My life is really busy so I want my home to feel like a sanctuary,” explained Jacqueline. “I like to introduce colour and contrast through plants and pictures but keep everything else pretty neutral.
“I spec’d all the colour and materials for the kitchen and then about two weeks before it going in I had a bit of a wobble as well intentioned friends and family were making me doubt my choices. Darren really steadied me and reassured me that it would look fantastic.”
This holistic impact is further enhanced by detaching the cabinetry from all surrounding surfaces and including LED lighting to create a glowing effect at night.
As Jacqueline didn’t want any element of the kitchen scheme to be competing for attention the island was created with simplicity in mind and Darren recommended a custom made Gutmann Abajo extraction system to deliver unobtrusive functionality.
To help keep the clean, clutter free look to the room Darren fitted Blum Legrabox drawers and inserts to help deliver a crisp and contemporary interior finish.
The finished result is a bright, airy kitchen that while having hints of Scandi style is totally unique to the family.
“I wanted a kitchen that would look good while being functional and easy to use. That’s exactly what we’ve got.”

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